Running a successful business since 2005

The company was incorporated in year 2005, with the main object of Import / Purchase of Manganese Ore across the World and cater to the Ferro Alloy Manufacturers/Manganese Traders and Exports/Sales of Ferro Alloys Products across the World.

We ventured into importing of Manganese Ore and exporting of Ferro Alloys products overseas in the year 2008. The experience of understanding import business of Manganese Ore and Export Business of Ferro Alloy, Silico Manganese, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Silicon, etc. and Network build up with Importers and Exporters overseas grew Business and built network across the World.

Our company operates under the following verticals:

  • Trading of Manganese Ore (Import of Manganese Ore and Domestic Sales)
  • Trading of Ferro Alloys i.e. Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Silicon (Domestic Purchase and Export of Ferro Alloys)

We also work with highly reputed International Traders as their Associates and execute Third Country Exports of various Commodities. The market strategy is based on a cost effective approach to reach the clearly defined target market.

We deal in almost all the metals, minerals and related raw-materials. We export Bulk Ferro Alloys across the globe. Company made a remarkable growth to achieve Ferro Alloys export sales at USD 40 Million during 2013-14 and target sales at USD 60 Million for the year 2014-15. Our Anthracite & Coal business volume totals to USD 30 Million during last year.

Building up vision leading future