About Us

QVC Group

QVCis incorporated under the companies Act, 1956 (10 of 1956) at Kolkata on 9th day of August 2005.

We at QVC are COMMITTED to provide our customers QUALITY products and true VALUE for the price. We are committed to create its brand value across the globe by providing our customers and suppliers the best prices and wide variety of products and services. At QVC our utmost priority is to create satisfied customers and trusted suppliers.

QVC has got two large scale prospecting licensees for Manganese Ore mines in Zambia. Area under each mine is over 400 square kilometers each in the name of QVC Resources Zambia Limited.

Spreading its wings, Company has entered into agreements with various Ferro Alloy Manufacturers to supply imported Manganese Ore and other raw materials and back their finished product (Ferro Alloys) and in turn, export it globally.

We also work with highly reputed International Traders as their Associates and execute Third Country Exports of various Commodities. The market strategy is based on a cost effective approach to reach the clearly defined target market.

We deal in almost all the metals, minerals and related raw-materials. We export Bulk Ferro Alloys across the globe. Company made a remarkable growth to achieve Ferro Alloys export sales at USD 40 Million during 2013-14 and target sales at USD 60 Million for the year 2014-15. Our Anthracite & Coal business volume totals to USD 30 Million during last year.

Bringing any major business to a successful completion / conclusion requires the services of team of dedicated and experienced professionals, each capable of making specific key contribution. In todays competitive environment, these skills should be of a highly specialized nature. With a team of experienced professionals, we assure to complete a transaction within no time in a hassle free manner. Our principal objective is to create a unique pro- active environment in order to promote and facilitate trade of an array of goods and services.

About the CEO Mr. Nilesh Sharma

Mr. Sharma is the CEO of the QVC Group. He is a Commerce Graduate and EPYP from IIM-C. He is engaged in the Export of metals and minerals for the last 7 years with the aim of gaining respect in the steel industry. The proactive and progressive attitude of Mr. Sharma has helped the Group in widening its horizon and taking up in a big way. He looks after the Finance & Accounts, Marketing aspect of the business. He has successfully given a new face to the group and has exposed to the global business segment. Mr. Nilesh Kumar Sharma.